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Travel Tip Tuesday – Makeup Must-Haves

When I first mentioned to my friends and family that I was starting a blog, makeup tips was at the top of the list of topics I was asked about.

As I have been traveling more in my work life, I have learned how to pack the least amount of makeup (I have an entire room in my house that I call my beauty room, so least is a loose term here) that will help me create multiple looks while I am traveling.

fullsizeoutput_3c1. Brushes

While I would love to take every single makeup brush I have with me, I know I would never be able to fit the actual makeup. I learned that I need to pick my favorites, decide exactly what purpose they serve, and then edit. I apply my foundation and concealer with a beauty sponge which makes for easy packing. For the rest of my face I break it down by step and choose only 1 brush for each function. *Pro Tip: Use the cups in your room as brush holders. I do this every time I travel!

2. Face

When I put on my makeup I think of it in a few steps. The first one being my face overall. For this I need primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder, bronzer, blush, and highlight. For my blush and highlight I have both of these in a palette so that I don’t have to have multiple items to pack.I understand that some think she might be a bit excessive, but for me, these are items that are non negotiable when I do my makeup each day as I need my look to last for 10+ hours.

3. Eyes

The trick here is bring a few products that allow you to create multiple for looks. For this reason I only allow myself to bring 1 eyeshadow palette, 1 eyeliner, 1-2 mascaras, and of course an eyelash curler. False lashes might make the list if there a special glam event I am headed to, but otherwise I assume I will have just a couple looks and I only need a few products to accomplish this with.

Also, you may have noticed I didn’t mention brows. I had microblading done on my eyebrows back in January and it was the BEST cosmetic decision I have made all year! If I do want to add a little extra drama to my brows I will use a brow pencil and brow gel.


4. Finishing Touches

Once everything has been applied, time to add the finishing touches! A great setting spray is a MUST to keep your look fresh all day. The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is my favorite right now. Sephora also sells it in a travel size. I have a full sized I just use to refill the bottle as I run low.

Last thing is lips. I usually allow my self 2 lipsticks (1 dark and 1 light) and a lip gloss that can be paired with either lipstick. If you want to go lighter on your eye makeup, a dark lip can dress up almost any look.

I hope this was helpful to all of my glam queens trying to decide what to pack before a trip. I have linked all the products possible. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!





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  1. Really informative! Great post! Xx

  2. Great advice! I want to request a tutorial! So proud of you Arlyne.

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