The Road to Vermont

The big headlines for today were the drive to Vermont, which took us longer than usual because I made Trav pull over multiple times on the way. The other big headline was my visit to the Ben & Jerry’s Factory. See all the details below!

Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire

This 34-mile scenic highway looked like something out of a painting. Pretty much all the foliage I have seen so far has been stunning, but this didn’t even seem real. If I were not there myself, I wouldn’t believe such vivid landscapes existed!


The Ben & Jerry’s Factory, Vermont

I will warn everyone, this is 100% a tourist flooded site, but I refused to miss it! There are tons of great places to take photos, and they offer a tour of the facility every 10 minutes.

The highlight for me was the graveyard of flavors that are no longer in production. It is set up with hilarious tombstones of each flavor, the year they were first in production and when they were retired. Some of these sounded really good, but from what I learned on the tour, they just weren’t selling. If you have the patience and love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, I suggest stopping in!

Tomorrow we head to Boston!



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