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Saying Goodbye to my Twenties

In about four hours I will say goodbye to my twenties and hello to my thirties. While many have said to me “You are still so young!,” and that is true, I have also learned a ton this past decade that I would like to share in the hopes it will help all of my twenty-something friends and followers out there.

It is okay to love who you are while still growing as a person. I spent a lot of years stressing about my weight, my career, my professional brand, and many other things. While these are all important, I feel I didn’t take enough time to celebrate the moments when I did feel great about myself and what I was doing. I learned how to do this over the past few years, and it honestly has improved my sense of gratitude for every single step I take towards continuously becoming the best version of myself.

Stop comparing where you are in life to where your friends are in their lives. In my early twenties I constantly felt “behind” or like I was always catching up in life milestones such as getting married, having children, buying a home, and traveling the world. Yes, I am married now and did get married in what felt like a wave of loved ones getting married, but up until that point I stressed over when it would happen.

As I have written in many previous posts, my financial stability was a big point of insecurity for me and for many of these milestones I frankly couldn’t afford. I did not have money for a big wedding, a down payment on a house, or a trip to Europe. While I knew these were all goals I was working towards, I wasted too much time comparing myself to my friends and family and not enough time enjoying my journey to all of this.

Confidence is more valuable than you think. While navigating my twenties, and feeling insecure in many ways, I kept myself from opportunities and experiences I would have otherwise jumped at due to lack of confidence. It has taken the majority of this past decade to learn to truly believe in myself and my ability to accomplish anything I want to. Once my mindset shifted, so did many other things, including my career, relationships, and financial stability.

It’s never going to be the right time to follow those big dreams, but do it anyways! I am a planner. I am someone who lives pretty close to a calendar and likes to plan out milestones. But what I have learned lately is that if you stay inside your schedule and leave no time for creativity, and following your passions, all that happens is you get older and those dreams seem further away. Starting this blog in August was something I thought about for years. I’m so glad I did because now I can share this with all of you!

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable if you want to grow. It wasn’t until I got to my late twenties that I started to take risks personally and professionally. I realized through many of these experiences that those were the moments that grew the most personally and professionally. Leaving my comfort zone for new experiences and opportunities is a massive part of the woman I am today.

Again, I understand that I am still relatively young, but I learned so much this past decade. These are just a few of the many lessons I have been privileged enough to learn and I hope it helps people of all ages slow down, enjoy life, and follow their dreams. Thanks for following this journey with me and cheers to many more!


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  1. Wow – I really loved this blog post. And I kind of love you, now (after reading it). I hope that doesn’t sound creepy. It’s more so meant in a nice way. Thanks for the positivity and good advice.

    • Thank you so much for the amazing compliment! It creep at all! Be sure to follow me on Instagram too @queenwitharlyne. If you like this post I think you’ll like some of my other stuff. Thanks again for taking the time to read this and for showing me some love ❤️

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