3 Days, 4 Cities & Countless Memories

I have been very busy the last few days with not much time to blog, but I want to catch everyone up on the amazing places I have visited in the last few days. Tomorrow is our last day in Massachusetts and we have a few more spots to hit. Stay tuned for my wrap up blog, of course, a separate post on my favorite places to shop in Boston.

Boston-The North End

After the Red Sox game the night before, My husband and I were exhausted. We allowed ourselves to sleep in and then get a late start and then explore the North End in Boston, which is a historic Italian neighborhood.

We walked every single street that we could and a few of the highlights were St. Stephen’s Catholic Church, The Old North Church which is part of the Freedom Trail, and of course, the delicious food at Carmelina’s restaurant. I stopped in at a few small boutiques and we wrapped up the day by picking up cannolis from both Modern Pastry and Mike’s Pastry. Apparently, there is a debate between the two. The lobster tail pastry from Mike’s won my heart, but the cannolis from Modern were the winner in that category.


New Bedford, Massachusettes

The highlight for this day was the New Bedford Whaling Museum which focuses on the history of the international whaling industry over centuries. It was interesting to learn about how this industry and how men from all over the world would be at sea for years in the hopes of returning home to provide for their families.


Newport, Rhode Island

This was a place at the top of my list! About an hour west of New Bedford we crossed over into Rhode Island and I could hardly contain my excitement to tour The Breakers Mansion. In total there are 5 mansions available to tour, but The Breakers, once owned by the Vanderbilts, seems to be the top attraction so we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon there.

Having been to Hearst Castle, I had an idea of what I thought I could expect, but this far exceeded my expectations. The platinum lined walls, gold ceilings, Tiffany light fixtures, and breathtaking views were more than I could handle. I was so taken aback by the beauty of this place that I actually cried!

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Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusettes

When my husband and I started planning this trip there was one location that was a for sure on our list and it was to eat at The Lobster Pot in Provincetown, Massachusettes. We originally started planning this trip before the passing of our favorite chef, author, world traveler, and tv personality, Anthony Bourdain. The Lobster Pot was featured in an episode of Parts Unknown in 2014 where Bourdain reminisces about his start in the culinary world through his first dishwashing job in Provincetown that led to his first job as a cook.

I watched the episode this evening after we got back to the hotel to look at the town again from his view and I was shocked to see that we ate today at the exact table he was sitting at when he filmed. My husband is one of his biggest fans and was sitting in his exact seat enjoying a meal that Bourdain also loved. It was a beautiful way to end the day.



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